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Accelerated Christian Education Program

  Hametown Christian Academy has used the ACE School of Tomorrow curriculum for over 23 years because of its quality, individualization, and Biblical perspective on education.  Christ is at the center with proper emphasis on values and character development.  We believe you will be impressed.


Does The School Of Tomorrow Program Work? Yes!

Christan EducationAccording to several area schools that use this type of curriculum, major firms have requested the opportunity to interview the graduate students for placement into their administrative training programs.  They declare they are finding quality leadership being produced in these schools.

Statistically, the School of Tomorrow program has been proven to work, according to independent tester CTB/McGraw-Hill, 1996. California Achievement Test and Stanford Achievement Test results, and ACT college entrance exam scores show that overall, these students are at a higher level of performance in every area of learning than students from both conventional Christian and secular schools (documentation is available). In our school the overall Stanford Achievement Scores are always 10 to 15 percent higher than the national average.

We have sent graduates to both Christian and secular colleges, some with significant academic scholarships.  Others have graduated from high school and have good jobs in the business world.  Overall, we have been pleased for many years to see a high success rate among School of Tomorrow graduates.


Our Objectives Are:


1)    To insure that each child comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ; achieves a Christan Educationhigher level of Christian maturity; attains a deeper commitment to Christ; and becomes a more effective witness for the Lord.

2)    To emphasize the individuality of the person; to assist each child in properly responding to God and to others; to develop self-confidence, individual God-given abilities in creativity, goal setting, analysis, communications, academics, and the principles of success.

3)    To assist each child in seeking his purpose for life’s service and to provide the necessary preparation for eternity through emphasis upon Biblical principles.

4)    To promote self-discipline by training students to be consistent, appreciative, responsible, and thorough in attitude, character, and actions.

5)     To help each child learn how to live to honor the Lord by meeting the daily responsibilities with which God has entrusted him.

6)     To compensate for poor educational backgrounds.

7)     To eliminate grade level failure and repetition.

   Overall, our main objective is training for Christian leadership. Each professional staff member is a born-again Christian committed to the task of equipping each child with a quality education that is Christ-honoring.

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