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HCA Saints Sports Programs

Sports Programs

We want you!

Hametown Christian Academy is committed to providing a well rounded assortment of sports programs for our attending as well as our home schooled students. At present, we offer flag football, basketball, volleyball and cheer leading. All of our sports are professionally coached and officiated. We have varsity and jr. varsity teams for each sport and the youth envolved are grouped together approprately according to age and skill level. Our sports programs are designed first to help instill in the youth, a solid, christian work ethic in a fun recreational setting.

Friendly, Fun, and Competitive

Each year the youth begin a steady practice schedule of about two practices per week to help them develope specific skills assertaingin to that particular sport. Shortly after the school year begins, the teams continue to apply their skills in matchups with other local schools. Finally, the youth get a chance to travel to the State Tournament and even a National Tournament where HCA has competed and faired very well in years past. We hope that through our exceptional quality of training and competition the players will achieve a feeling of friendship, confidence and above all, appreciation to our creator, God, by whom the Bible proclaims we have been “fearfully and wonderfully made!”

Sports Programs

Saints Basketball

Investment and Registration

Registration becomes active either before the start of the school year or in the first semester depending on the individual sport of intrest. Forms will be provided. All costs associated will be incurred directly onto your monthly tuition and will be detailed accordingly.

Flag Football- Young men ages 13-18 may participate……….$30.00

Volleyball- Young ladies ages 13-18 may participate……….$30.00

Basketball- Young men ages 13-18 may participate……….$30.00

These extra-curricular sports programs are offered to non-ACE curriculum home-schooled students at an additional cost of $5 per sport. Students may sign up for multiple sports.

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Sports Programs

HCA Saints Cheerleading

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