Building Trades

    The purpose of this program is to expose and familiarize students to different career opportunities in the building trades, and to engrain a work ethic that will help in any career field long after graduation. Students will be taught a basic understanding and working knowledge in the major trades involved in construction: plumbing, carpentry and masonry. However, the primary focus and curriculum in this school will be the electrical field, and will give an in-depth working knowledge of residential, commercial, electrical systems and applicable codes.

    This program is open to any Junior’s and Senior’s wanting to be involved in this training. Trade School runs in conjunction with the normal HCA routine. This is achieved by operating Trade School every-other week; thus allowing both academic studies and vocational training to be learned simultaneously. Building Trades is worth four credits because of its comprehensive and multi-field nature. Specially designed HCA Courses of Study will be worked out with your Supervisor to allow both your High School and Building Trades Diploma’s to be achieved by graduation.

Students who successfully complete this two-year Course of Study and prove to be faithful and conscientious workers will be given a Diploma and record of all classroom and on the job training hours for their resume.

They will also be eligible for job recommendation into the IBEW Local #306 apprenticeship program and in the C.W. (construction worker) and C.E. (construction electrician) programs.

Several companies have standing job offers to our Building Trades graduates as well.

Lastly, we also believe this training is wonderfully beneficial for anyone desiring to be understanding of our world’s critical infrastructure and capable helpers both at home and for others whenever the need arises.