"The Sting of Death"

Written by Abigail Kulton

Performed by Olivia Banks, Hope Fethertson, Michael Armbruster, Allyson Green & Trent Jackson

Directed & Edited by Dave Roeser

"The Cliff"

Written by Dave & Laura Roeser

Performed by Abigail Kulton, Lauren Armbruster, Brian Genshaw, Josiah Callahan & Deborah Fetherston

Performing Arts Program

The above film is an example of a one act play that was written and performed for the A.C.E. Regional Convention in 2016. It received a Command Performance in front of the entire convention. Students are given first hand experience in not only acting, but writing and producing plays, expressive readings, preaching, singing, and much more! They gain valuable life experience in presenting themselves before an audience and how to carry themselves professionally.